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Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters


The filter body is S195T or stainless-steel optionality. The filtering in pressured lines. High performance during the back washing. Extensive Filtering Surface. Easy-to assembly and fitler components, not required to change. 100% back washing performance. The back washing time for 15-30 sec.. Working opportunity, not required additional energy. The minimum head and water loss


Product Details

  • Body Material ST-37 / AISI 316L / AISI 304 L
  • Screen Material AISI 304L , PRGF
  • Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar (145 Psi) (optionally up to 25 bars (360 psi)
  • Maximum Output Pressure 2 bar (29 Psi)
  • Maximum Working Tempreture 60 ⁰ C (140 F)
  • Back Flushing Type Time and / or Pressure Differantial
  • Back Flush Control System Electronic (AC/DC ) , Hydraulic Control
  • Filtration Degree 20-2000 micron (µ
  • Painting Method Electrostratic Powder Cotaing
  • Paint Material Epoxy Polyester

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